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Reach high for stars hidden in you, Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal

The words of Rabindranath Tagore set on inspiring path for educators, leaders alike and defines vps philosophy of true education - origin to horizon.
For over decades vps family has made true education a mission and quality. The fulerum of their commitment today, we cater needs of our young leaders , entrusting with their future, career and lives ahead arming them with necessary skills and nurturing them with values to become autonomous leaders.
Time to time virtual smart classes, symphonics programme to develop a strong foundation in english language, fun filled activities, drama. Moreover art integrated project modules enhance students experimental teaching learning process.

We strive to built character of students through widely accepted curriculum and practices of learn centric education with best use of resources. Fusing strong cultural fundamental of indian society with advance learning tools for making education a dynamic process and ignite their passion to excel.
As we open door to new students, we believe each one of them will grow into a better individual.At vps we ensure that the quality of education is high based on guidelines prescribed by C.B.S.E. Our curriculum allow child to reflect ,create ,solve and think to enhance his enquiry approach , problem solving skills and thinking skills.

V.P.S Aroma

* Nominal fee structure
* Admission fee ,1 time admission fee upto grade 10.
* 100% results of board classes
* V. P. S student vrindavan topper in board exams 2008 & 2019.
* Each Speck of V. P. S pulsates with discipline
* Unique student friendly approach to explore, experience &    implement
* Student friendly curriculum based on experimental learning     approach.
* Science labs Holistic development through dance clubs, public    speaking debating and smart classes with presentations.
* Lush green environment.
* Beauty of Vrindavan has been maintained here. 70% of campus    area is lush green.
* Certificate of merit for hundred percent score in board exams
* V. P. S Topper in Vrindavan and 5th rank in district
* Sangeet Natak Academy Lucknow and Jila Vigyan club for      music and oratory skills.
* Student award by Pujya Shankaracharya  ji in field of Sanskrit.
* Dance Academy trains future dancers.
* Judo Karate classes focused on girls empowerment.
* Vice chancellors of various universities graced V.P.S
* All around  air of creation, incorporating our Mission- Origin to     horizon.

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