Labs hones and enhances experimental capabilities of students. It helps to ensure that students grasp each and every concept thoroughly and retain knowledge to practical learning. We offer Physics, chemistry, Biology lab well equipped with slides, specimens, chemicals, apparatus, charts for inhand experience of students.

Sports And Yoga

To inculcate in students,streak in all fields yoga forms an integral part of school curriculum.
Classes of yoga are arranged for students in campus as few minutes of yoga can be great way to get rid of stress of both body and mind.


As quoted, "Books open window to world". To inculcate reading habits,school has well stocked hybrid library Nalanda that has general and enriched study material for students.
The school has huge library with a good collection of study material from various subjects to inculcate the interest to study.

Splash pool

Swimming pool is provided for refreshment of students .

kinder zone

A separate section is avilaible for kids of nursery classes where attention in paid on learning threw playful means.


We have specially designed plethora of Music  and a center for Dance and Music (Vocal and Instrumental). Students are exposed to a wide range of music & dance from different cultures and genres. Our teachers are experts at spotting talent and grooming children accordingly. The children learn not only vocal music but also learn how to play a variety of instruments that cater to both indian classical and western music.

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